Improved usability, density, and filtering capabilities for the Unified Interface grid

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End users, automatically - This feature is released. Aug 2, 2019 This feature is released. Oct 2, 2019

Feature details

The Unified Interface grid now includes several updates focused on improved usability and navigation. The grid layout and styling have been optimized to improve density, allowing users to see more records on a single screen without it feeling cluttered. In this update we have removed unused and redundant space in the grid that has been highlighted in user feedback as impacting efficiency and making the grid harder to navigate.

In addition to the density changes, updates have been made to improve the filtering and navigation behavior. Now as users filter records in the view page, navigate to a record, and return to the grid, the filters on the grid remembered. This allows users to navigate back and forth between the grid and filtered records without reapplying the filter, search, or view selection each time. Improvements have also been made to the advanced grid column filtering options to find their records quickly. This includes filtering on the activity type field and alignment of date field filtering for existing operators.

Improved grid density

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