Export data to respond to requests for copies of personal data in Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents offers the following capabilities to find or export personal data for a specific user:

  1. Export customer data – Bot content (tenant admin)
  2. Export customer data – Bot sessions (bot author)
  3. Export system-generated logs (tenant admin)


Export the bot content

Export customer data – Bot content (tenant admin):

  1. Go to https://www.powerapps.com and sign in with your credentials.

    Sign in to powerapps.com.

  2. After signing in, you are redirected to the Microsoft Power Platform admin center.

    Power Platform admin center.

  3. In the side navigation pane, expand the Data node. Select Entities and select Export data.

    Export data.

  4. On the Export data screen, select BotContent and Note from the entity list. Select Export data at the top. Your data will take a couple of minutes to be compiled for export.

    Select entities for export.

  5. Select Download exported data to download the content.

    Download exported data.

Export customer data – Bot sessions (bot author):

You can download session data from the sessions analytics page in Power Virtual Agents.

Export system-generated logs (tenant admin)

  1. Go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trust-center/privacy/gdpr-dsr.

  2. Select the Learn more about the Data Log Export link under the Microsoft Data Log Export section. This will open a new tab or window and go to the User Privacy blade in the Azure Portal. Here you can request an export of data.