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Learn the basic concepts of software development for wireless phones and the leading software development platforms.

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Download the free tools

The Windows Phone Developer Tools contain everything you need to begin creating and testing applications and games for Windows Phone: the Visual Studio 2010 Express integrated developer environment, the Windows Phone Emulator, Silverlight for Windows Phone, XNA Game Studio 4.0 and Microsoft Expression Blend.

Install the Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW



If you have previously installed the Phone tools, please read the release notes first. Otherwise, get everything you need in one package

Learn how to create beautiful apps with the UI Design and Interaction Guide and the Design Templates.

Developing applications for Windows Phone

Dig deeper into the tools and technologies for developing phone applications, along with two key Microsoft programming models: XNA Framework and Silverlight.

Access the Latest Training

This free virtual live class, comprised of four instructor-led 3 hour sessions, will guide you in developing applications for the Windows Phone 7 platform using Silverlight and XNA.


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