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TechNet is pleased to announce the launch of its very first virtual conference, helping you to cut costs, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact, whilst still getting all the latest information you need on Microsoft technologies and technology insights.

For those of you that were unable to make it on June 19th for our live date, don’t worry as you able able to get access to the great content on demand.

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Time Technology Auditorium IT Manager Auditorium
09:30 Keynote – Mark Russinovich

Keynote - Mark Russinovich
10:00 Windows 7 Deployment and Management
(Approx session duration: 40 mins)
Andrew Driver
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Windows 7 Deployment and Management
(Approx session duration: 40 mins)
Andrew Driver
11:00 Windows Server 2008 R2 – 10 things to make life easier for IT Pros
(Approx session duration: 40 mins)
Gareth Hall and Andrew Fryer

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How IT will change over the next 10 years and why you should care
(Approx session duration: 1hr)
Miha Kralj
12:00 Lunch time- exhibition area and Q&A with all presenters
12:30 Do More with Less Using Windows PowerShell™ 2.0
(Approx session duration: 30 mins)
Richard Siddaway
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Growing the Business and Managing Costs – An Insider’s View
(Approx session duration: 30 mins)
Asif Jinnah
13:15 Desktop Deployment at Microsoft
(Approx session duration: 30 mins)
Asif Jinnah
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Virtualisation – Server Licensing Changes in a Virtual World
(Approx session duration: 30 mins)
Emma Healey
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13:45 Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack – how to improve efficiencies
(Approx session duration: 15 mins)
Viral Tarpara
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SLIM: Sustainable Lifecycle and Innovation Management
(Approx session duration: 30 mins)
Matt Deacon
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14:15 Coffee Break - exhibition area and Q&A with all presenters
14:30 On overview of Office Communications Server R2 and Voice Capabilities
(Approx session duration: 30 mins)
Brett Johnson
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Millennial Worker – The new world of business
(Approx session duration: 20 mins)
Ali Turhan and Neil Lindsay
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15:00 Sharepoint – Trials and Tribulations of SharePoint implementation
Viral Tarpara and John Buston
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15:30 Data Protection Manager – the one stop shop for protecting your critical data
(Approx session duration: 20 mins)
Andrew Fryer
16:00 Close Close
Technology Auditorium

Windows 7 Deployment and Management

Windows 7 is faster, more reliable and makes it easier to do what you want, where you want.

During this session we will look at several areas in which Windows 7 delivers to meet the needs of User and IT Pro alike. We will see easier and more fun ways to be productive, including new Application Compatibility functionality. In addition, we will look at how Windows 7 provides enhanced security for users and the infrastructure, alongside new problem solving and management capabilities.

Windows Server 2008 R2 – 10 things to make life easier for IT Pros

Do more with less. This has been the server manager’s mantra for several years but never more so than now. Fortunately, Windows Server® 2008 R2 has got your back with numerous and varied features designed specifically to address IT’s current challenges while making day-to-day life a little easier. Here are the top 10: Migrating VMs, get more from virtualisation, new CMDlets for Hyper-V, PowerShell 2, lower branch access costs, lower energy costs, dedicated server remote management tools, centralise desktop tops with VDI, reduce VPN costs, and supporting .NET on Server Core.

Do More with Less Using Windows PowerShell™ 2.0

Microsoft Windows PowerShell command line shell and scripting language helps IT professionals achieve greater control and productivity. Using a new admin-focused scripting language, more than 130 standard command line tools, and consistent syntax and utilities, Windows PowerShell allows IT professionals to more easily control system administration and accelerate automation. Windows PowerShell is easy to adopt, learn, and use, because it works with your existing IT infrastructure and existing script investments, and because it runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003. Windows PowerShell is now included as part of Windows Server 2008. This session will show how you can get started with PowerShell and illustrate complex scenarios that can be simplified with its use.

Desktop Deployment at Microsft

In this session Asif Jinnah will provide an overview of how Microsoft IT deploy clients internally at Microsoft, to a wide range of PC’s, architectures and different Operating System builds. The session will cover our deployment and delivery mechanisms for self hosted and supported builds and will discuss options for deploying our technology to staff, both technical and non technical.

Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack – how to improve efficiencies

Enterprise IT infrastructures are increasingly complex to manage. The Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack for Software Assurance addresses the need to increase manageability and reduce complexity. It is a dynamic desktop solution, available to Software Assurance customers, that employs innovative technologies to increase desktop manageability, reduce the total cost of ownership, and improve overall infrastructure satisfaction. This session will look at the features, services, and scenarios where MDOP can be used to improve application compatibility, application delivery, software inventory procedure, and desktop operational efficiency.

On overview of Office Communications Server R2 and Voice Capabilities

In this session Brett Johnson will provide an overview of OCS 2007 R2 covering the new features and functionality which will enhance business productivity and reduce costs. This session also covers the voice capabilities available with OCS 2007 R2.

Sharepoint – Trials and Tribulations of SharePoint implementation

As new ways of collaboration are becoming common on the internet, more and more organisations are looking for solutions that provide the ease of use of consumer technologies with the flexibility and integration of enterprise software. SharePoint provides businesses with a modern way to facilitate collaboration, provide content management features, implement business processes, and supply access to information that is essential to organisational goals and processes. Join Microsoft and consulting partner, Fujitsu, with an enlightening discussion of the trials and tribulations of SharePoint implementation and reasons companies are looking for this type of solution in the first place. This session will cover scenarios for use, top tips for change management, and matters around governance.

Data Protection Manager – the one stop shop for protecting your critical data

DPM provides a unified approach to insuring that your essential data is protected in a unified fashion, be it in Exchange, SharePoint SQL Server or on the file system. It can also provide a remote hot standby capability as well as an effective archiving strategy for long term storage of e-mail documents and accounts for regulatory compliance. So how does it manage to pull all of those rabbits out of a hat while being simple and reliable to use? This session will show how it works and how it can be deployed to meet all of your data protection needs.
IT Management Auditorium

Windows 7 Deployment and Management

Windows 7 is faster, more reliable and makes it easier to do what you want, where you want.

During this session we will look at several areas in which Windows 7 delivers to meet the needs of User and IT Pro alike. We will see easier and more fun ways to be productive, including new Application Compatibility functionality. In addition, we will look at how Windows 7 provides enhanced security for users and the infrastructure, alongside new problem solving and management capabilities.

How IT will change over the next 10 years and why you should care

Just what are the most disruptive trends that will shake the IT industry in the next 10 years or so? We will look into the commoditisation of IT, industrialisation due to cloud computing and the effects of continuous globalisation. We'll also examine the possible impact of social networks to next-generation employees and finally we'll investigate the most probable developments in ubiquitous computing and software engineering. Come to this session prepared for a fascinating and strategic tour of the changing face of the IT industry and society in our immediate future.

Growing the Business and Managing costs at Microsoft – An Insider’s View

Leverage the knowledge and experiences of our IT group - hear how they are helping Microsoft reduce costs and drive efficiency. This session explain some of the huge savings being delivered by current projects and explains some of the best practices and approaches used to deliver cost effective IT, including our "Self Service” model.

Virtualisation – Server Licensing Changes in a Virtual World

This session will cover Server Operating System and Server Application Licensing in a virtualisation environment, new changes introduced in Sept 2008 to Server Applications and new changes introduced January 2009 to Windows Server Client Access Licences.

SLIM: Sustainable Lifecycle and Innovation Management

Some of the shine of Green IT has worn off in recent months as organisations look to near-term tactical measures to remain in business. But going beyond the hype reveals an approach that has more in common with concepts of agility, efficiency and flexibility than first meets the eye. Far from being the first thing to be thrown out in troubled times, embracing a culture of sustainability can provide the key to not only weather difficult times but to enable a future of sustainable, measurable and productive innovation and growth. Embracing Green IT will help IT departments realise their role as service providers and enablers to the business.

Millennial Worker – The new world of business

Thinking strategically and planning for the future is of grave importance to those that want to be prepared for what is down the line. This presentation is based around the New World of Business, through the eyes of the next generation worker, the Millennial Worker – we talk about the current demographic trends and the culture of this generation, their fascination with technology and the web and how all of this will eventually change the future world of business and life as we know it.

Mark Russinovich:
Technical Fellow

Dr. Mark Russinovich is a Technical Fellow working in the Platform and Services division. Russinovich is a widely recognised expert in Windows operating system internals, and operating architecture and design. His discovery of a rootkit on popular Sony audio CDs led to industry reforms in the area of computer privacy.

Russinovich joined Microsoft when it acquired Winternals Software, the company he cofounded in 1996 and where he worked as Chief Software Architect. He is also cofounder of, where he wrote and published dozens of popular Windows administration and diagnostic utilities including Filemon, Regmon, Process Explorer and RootkitRevealer. He previously worked at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center, researching operating system support for Web server acceleration and serving as an operating systems expert.

Russinovich coauthored "Inside Windows 2000" and "Windows Internals," both from Microsoft Press, is Senior Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine, and has written dozens of articles on Windows internals. He has been a featured speaker at major industry conferences around the world, including Microsoft's TechEd, IT Forum, Professional Developer's Conference, Windows Connections, Windev, and TechMentor, and has taught Windows internals, troubleshooting, and file system and device driver development to companies worldwide, including Microsoft, the CIA and the FBI. Russinovich earned his Ph.D. in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ali Turhan
Channel Development Manager

Ali Turhan is currently working at Microsoft in the Small Midmarket Solutions and Partner group as a Channel Development Manager. Having joined the Undergraduate Intern programme at Microsoft, his responsibilities have evolved around working with Microsoft distributor and managed reseller partners on marketing and activation pieces creating marketing resources, communication plans as well as working with partners on ways they can improve their customer facing websites from a marketing and opportunity perspective. Partner sales floor engagement planning with partner staff readiness and data analytics including marketing campaign ROI analysis are also integral parts of his role. Ali is also part of two Virtual teams at Microsoft; one includes working with Human Resources, managing University visits and student engagement part of the student and graduate recruitment programs. He is also part of the next generation workforce: Millennial Worker V-Team, which explorers the new world of work through the eyes of the Millennial worker.

Outside of the office he enjoys travelling to sunny destinations and exploring new cities. One of his personal targets is to travel to every European country (no deadline set as he is in no hurry), and to travel to Asia and stay in Tokyo for at least two weeks.

Andrew Driver (MCSE, MCSA, MCT):
Partner Technology Specialist – Management and Security

Andrew has worked in IT for the last 15 years. He is passionate about Microsoft’s technologies and has enjoyed a variety of roles including Microsoft Trainer, consultant, infrastructure/security designer and support fspecialist.

As a PTS, Andrew is responsible for engaging with Microsoft’s Partners and their customers and for increasing awareness and understanding of current and future Microsoft technologies. He also helps to enable Partners to implement those technologies and solutions for themselves and their customers. This is a very demanding role involving presentation at events, working with the readiness teams in both the Partners’ organisations and Microsoft and developing strategies to evangelise our technologies and solutions.

Andrew works with many teams within Microsoft and is often called upon to present at events such as Infosec, VM08 and Storage Expo. He also supports Partners at their own events.

Andrew Fryer
IT Pro Evangelist

Andrew’s first foray into the exciting world of Business Intelligence coincided with Microsoft’s introduction of OLAP services and Data Transformation Services in SQL server 7. He has spent the intervening years as a consultant building solutions for a diverse set of customers in insurance, fleet management, supply chain and house construction to name a few. For him it’s about turning an organisation’s raw and dirty data into information the business user can understand without needing to be an MCSD or MCDBA.

Andrew’s main areas of expertise are the many facets of SQL server, the database engine, Integration Services, Reporting Services and Analysis Services, coupled with ProClarity and its successor Performance Point.

Outside of the office Andrew is a keen artist, photographer and bass guitarist when not rebuilding his house or landscaping the garden.

Asif Jinnah:
Field Area IT Manager, Microsoft UK

As a member of the EMEA leadership team and the central point of contact between the Business and IT divisions of Microsoft UK, Asif works closely with the executive leadership team & Area Solutions Delivery Director to deliver the company’s budgetary and relationship management strategies on a day-to-day basis.

Ideally suited to this role by his previous broad-based experience across the UK’s IT and business development markets, Asif can speak from personal experience on sales, network management, motivational leadership, and life-cycle project consultancy.

Cable & Wireless, the Harrier Group, and many Microsoft UK clients have all benefited enormously from his commitment and strategic vision. He is currently the voice of Microsoft in its “How Microsoft does IT” executive-level showcase presentation, and represents the UK Security Community as a speaker on industry trends and safeguards.

Brett Johnson:
Technical Specialist – Messaging

Brett worked in the Microsoft UK Critical Problem Resolution team for 5 years helping Premier customers get the most out of their Exchange messaging environment. He has deep technical experience of all versions of Exchange Server, including E12 and beyond. Brett is a regular presenter at Microsoft events and enjoys sharing his knowledge to help customers configure their messaging environment correctly. A big advocate of proactive maintenance, Brett left the support arena in October last year to spend more time working directly with Enterprise customers.

Emma Healey
Licensing Escalations Manager

A former techie, Emma is the Licensing Escalations Manager for the UK, which means she deals with all the really difficult licensing queries no-one else can answer! She spends a lot of her time training Microsoft staff and partners so that they have a good understanding of the different ways customers can buy our software.

You can find lots more useful information about Microsoft Licensing on Emma’s blog at:

Gareth Hall
Windows Server Product Manager

Gareth Hall is the Windows Server Product Manager for Microsoft UK, responsible for Windows Server, Windows Small Business Server and Windows Essential Business Server. Previously he held a technical sales role with Microsoft and before that, ran an IT Team responsible for infrastructure in the public sector.

John Buston
SharePoint Capability Leader

John Buston is the SharePoint Capability Leader in Fujitsu Services Information Management Practice.

John specialises in Enterprise Content Management using Microsoft MOSS 2007 technology. With extensive experience providing customer advice and guidance on the business challenges, architectural needs, deployment and integration realities of real world enterprise solutions.

As a specialist Microsoft practitioner John leads the Fujitsu European Community of Practice targeted at developing the extensive MOSS capability within the organisation to maximum benefit of customers. John leverages his many years of system integration, architecting and managing Microsoft MOSS projects, across multiple industry sectors to share his experiences with us in this real world video experience.

Matt Deacon
Architect Evangelist

Matt Deacon is the Environment Sustainability Lead within the Emerging Technology Group at Microsoft UK. His primary role is to serve as an advisor to Microsoft’s customers, and the public, on all matters relating to the advancement of Sustainable Technologies. He is chair of the Microsoft UK Architect Council, a cross industry group of influential industry architects, and is founder and chair of the UK region of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA). As an Environmental Advisor, Matt has been involved in quantifying Microsoft UK’s carbon footprint and in establishing an ISO Environmental Management System for the subsidiary as well as advising customers and partners on their use of technology to reduce their impact on the environment.

Miha Kralj
Senior Architect

As a senior architect on the Platform Architecture Team, Miha Kralj is responsible for leading architectural communities, helping the architectural profession to mature and grow, and coordinating activities within professional architectural organisations and bodies. Areas of expertise include Project Management, IT Security, Infrastructure Architecture and Enterprise Architectures.

Neil Lindsay
Global Alliance Partner Team Unit

Having been recruited onto the Microsoft undergraduate intern scheme in June 2008, Neil joined the Enterprise and Partner Group’s (EPG) Partner Team Unit. His main responsibilities are to provide analytical support to help drive the Microsoft partnership with our largest Global System Integrators in customer engagements. His secondary role extends into a virtual team that promotes the strategic vision of the new world of business through the eyes of the new generation entering the current workforce, ‘The Millennials’, both internally around Microsoft and externally to the customer.

Outside of work, Neil is an adrenaline enthusiast, with hobbies that include White-water kayaking and Rock climbing, but he is also a very much committed badminton player.

Richard Siddaway:

Richard Siddaway works for a Microsoft Partner, SCC. With over 20 years experience in various aspects of IT, Richard is currently concentrating on the Microsoft environment at an architectural level, especially around Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server and Infrastructure Optimisation. Much of his recent experience has involved migrating enterprises from Windows NT\Exchange 5.5 to Windows 2003\Exchange 2003. Richard has administration experience with several database systems especially SQL Server. His initial programming background is still useful as Richard is a very experienced scripter always looking for the opportunity to automate a process. Having discovered PowerShell 18 months ago he has enthusiastically adopted it in preference to VBScript. Richard founded and currently leads the UK PowerShell User Group. Richard has presented to the Directory Experts Conference 2007, at various events at Microsoft UK, including the last Community Day, and for other UK User Groups.

Viral Tarpara:
IT Professional Evangelist

Viral’s first operating system was MS-DOS 3.0 on an AT&T XT machine in 1986, he was four. Since then he has been fascinated by all things computing, from Apple IIe, x86 application memory management, to digital media compression technologies. Growing up, he fell in love with understanding hardware technology solutions, but somewhere down the line he began to realise that it is not about the technology but about the customer pain and the corresponding solution. This understanding allowed him to develop a strong focus in workflow management, software process engineering, and information worker empowerment with a specialisation in television/film broadcast infrastructure.

His interest technologies are email & collaboration, office productivity, mobile technologies, digital media and CRM. In his free time, Viral likes to arrange A Cappella, snowboard, travel, read about SAN architecture and volunteer at his temple.
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