Design Queries and Views How-to Topics (Visual Database Tools)

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server yesAzure SQL Database yesAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) yesParallel Data Warehouse

The Query and View Designer can help you create and maintain the data retrieval and data manipulation portions of your application.

In This Section

Open the Query and View Designer (Visual Database Tools)
Provides steps for opening a new or existing query or view in the Query and View Designer.

Navigate in the Query and View Designer (Visual Database Tools)
Provides a list of key combinations and mouse operations you can use in the Query and View Designer.

Query and View Designer Tools (Visual Database Tools)
Provides links to topics describing the various components of the Query and View Designer.

Types of Queries (Visual Database Tools)
Lists procedural topics on how to create various types of queries, such as UPDATE, DELETE, and MAKE TABLE queries.

Work with Data in the Results Pane (Visual Database Tools)
Describes what you can do with the results returned by a query or view and provides links to procedural topics.

Perform Basic Operations with Queries (Visual Database Tools)
Lists topics on creating, modifying, running, and copying queries as well as basic topics on sorting, ordering, and printing query results.

Specify Search Criteria (Visual Database Tools)
Lists rules and conventions for creating queries, as well as procedures on how to use criteria to get specific results.

Query with Joins (Visual Database Tools)
Lists topics on using joins to query multiple tables, such as how to create outer joins and how to join tables automatically.

Query with Parameters (Visual Database Tools)
Lists topics for creating queries with parameters, which allow a different value to be used each time you run the query.

Design Tables (Visual Database Tools)
Detailed steps for designing and maintaining database structure through tables, columns, keys, indexes, stored procedures, and more.