OpenType 1.8.4 errata

This page documents errors in the OpenType specification that have technical significance and could lead to incorrect implementations. The scope is limited to issues in which the OpenType 1.8.4 specification as originally published implies technical details that are contrary to the intended design. Corrections may include corrections to incorrect values related to certain table fields, incorrect formulas for computing certain values, or similar issues. Corrections will not include any changes to data structures. If the textual change required for the correction is minor, the correction will be made in the specification and also listed here. If larger textual changes are required, the issue may be described here, but actual changes may be left to a future version. In either case, the status will be indicated in the table below.

Certain minor, editorial errors such as mis-spelling of words with no technical impact may on occasion be corrected silently, without notice or version update.

Date Page Description Status
10 October 2021 OpenType™ Layout Common Table Formats GPOS lookup type 8 was incorrectly referred to as type 6. Corrected in 1.8.4 (2021-10-10)
12 March 2021 Script tags The tag given for Yi script was only three characters, missing a trailing space. Corrected in 1.8.4 (2021-3-12)
23 November 2020 CPAL — Color Palette Table The change log for OpenType version 1.8.4 records that the CPAL version 1 field name “offsetPaletteEntryLabelArray” was changed to “paletteEntryLabelsArrayOffset”, but the CPAL chapter did not reflect that change. Corrected in 1.8.4 (2020-11-23)