How to: Enable and Disable Edit and Continue (C#, VB, C++)

You can disable or enable Edit and Continue in the Options dialog box at design time. You cannot change this setting while you are debugging.

Edit and Continue works only in debug builds. For native C++, Edit and Continue requires using the /INCREMENTAL option. For more information about feature requirements in C++, see this blog post and Edit and Continue (Visual C++).

To enable/disable Edit and Continue

  1. If you are in a debugging session, stop debugging (Shift + F5).

  2. Open debugging options page (Tools > Options > Debugging).

  3. Select General, and scroll down to Edit and Continue category (right pane).

  4. To enable, select the Enable Edit and Continue check box. To disable, clear the check box.


    If IntelliTrace is enabled and you collect both IntelliTrace events and call information, Edit and Continue is disabled. For more information, see IntelliTrace.

  5. (C++) To enable, select Enable Native Edit and Continue. To disable, clear the check box.

  6. (C++) Set additional options for native code.

    • Apply changes on continue (Native only)
      Visual Studio automatically compiles and applies any outstanding code changes you have made when continuing the process from a break state. If not selected, you can choose to apply changes using the "Apply Code Changes" item under the Debug menu.

    • Warn about stale code (Native only)
      Get warnings about stale code.

  7. Click OK.

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