Performance recommendations for Unreal


This article builds on the discussion outlined in performance recommendations for mixed reality, but focuses on features specific to Unreal Engine. You're encouraged to read up on application bottlenecks, analyzing and profiling mixed reality apps, and general performance fixes before continuing.

You can find each of the following settings in Edit > Project Settings.

  1. Using the mobile VR renderer:
    • Scroll to the Project section, select Target Hardware, and set the target platform to Mobile/Tablet

Mobile target setting

  1. Disabling occlusion culling:
    • Scroll to the Engine section, select Rendering, expand the Culling section, and uncheck Occlusion Culling.
      • If you need occlusion culling for a detailed scene being rendered, it's recommended that you enable Support Software Occlusion Culling in Engine > Rendering. This lets Unreal to do the work on the CPU and avoid GPU occlusion queries, which perform poorly on HoloLens 2.

Disable occlusion culling

  1. Using mobile multi-view:
    • Scroll to the Engine section, select Rendering, expand the VR section, and enable both Instanced Stereo and Mobile Multi-View. Mobile HDR should be unchecked.

VR rendering settings

  1. Setting the Maximum number of CSM cascades to render to 1 and Max Movable Spotlights / Point Lights to 0.