Change the name or logo of an enterprise application in Azure Active Directory

It's easy to change the name or logo for a custom enterprise application in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). You must have the appropriate permissions to make these changes, and you must be the creator of the custom application.

  1. Sign in to the Azure Active Directory portal with an account that's a global admin for the directory. The Azure Active Directory admin center page appears.

  2. In the left pane, select Enterprise applications. The list of your enterprise applications appears.

  3. Select an application. The application overview page appears.

  4. In the application overview pane, under the Manage heading, select Properties. The Properties page appears.

  5. If you want to change the name, select the Name box, type the new name, and press Enter.

  6. If you want to change the logo, find the Logo field, and select the folder icon next to the Select a file box, which is below the application's current logo image.

    Selecting the properties command

    Otherwise, if you aren't changing the logo, go to step 8.

  7. In the file picker, select the file you want as the new logo. The name of the file appears in the box below the current logo image.


    Azure requires the logo image to be a PNG file, and it applies limits on width, height, and file size. Custom logos must be exactly 215 × 215 pixels in size and be in PNG format. We recommend that you use a solid color background with no transparency in your application logo to appear best to users.

  8. Select Save. If you chose a new logo, the Logo field's image changes to reflect the new logo file.

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