Remove a user or group assignment from an enterprise app in Azure Active Directory

It's easy to remove a user or a group from assigned access to one of your enterprise applications in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). You need the appropriate permissions to manage the enterprise app. And, you must be global admin for the directory.


For Microsoft Applications (such as Office 365 apps), use PowerShell to remove users to an enterprise app.

How do I remove a user or group assignment to an enterprise app in the Azure portal?

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal with an account that's a global admin for the directory.
  2. Select All services, enter Azure Active Directory in the text box, and then select Enter.
  3. On the Azure Active Directory - directoryname page (that is, the Azure AD page for the directory you're managing), select Enterprise applications.
  4. On the Enterprise applications - All applications page, you'll see a list of the apps you can manage. Select an app.
  5. On the appname overview page (that is, the page with the name of the selected app in the title), select Users & Groups.
  6. On the appname - User & Group Assignment page, select one of more users or groups and then select the Remove command. Confirm your decision at the prompt.

How do I remove a user or group assignment to an enterprise app using PowerShell?

  1. Open an elevated Windows PowerShell command prompt.


    You need to install the AzureAD module (use the command Install-Module -Name AzureAD). If prompted to install a NuGet module or the new Azure Active Directory V2 PowerShell module, type Y and press ENTER.

  2. Run Connect-AzureAD and sign in with a Global Admin user account.

  3. Use the following script to remove a user and role from an application:

    # Store the proper parameters
    $user = get-azureaduser -ObjectId <objectId>
    $spo = Get-AzureADServicePrincipal -ObjectId <objectId>
    #Get the ID of role assignment 
    $assignments = Get-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment -ObjectId $spo.ObjectId | Where {$_.PrincipalDisplayName -eq $user.DisplayName}
    #if you run the following, it will show you what is assigned what
    $assignments | Select *
    #To remove the App role assignment run the following command.
    Remove-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment -ObjectId $spo.ObjectId -AppRoleAssignmentId $assignments[assignment #].ObjectId

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