What is Metrics Advisor (preview)?

Metrics Advisor is a part of Azure Cognitive Services that uses AI perform data monitoring and anomaly detection in time series data. The service automates the process of applying models to your data, and provides a set of APIs web-based workspace for data ingestion, anomaly detection, and diagnostics - without needing to know machine learning. Use Metrics Advisor to:

  • Analyze multi-dimensional data from multiple data sources
  • Identify and correlate anomalies
  • Configure and fine-tune the anomaly detection model used on your data
  • Diagnose anomalies and help with root cause analysis.

Metrics Advisor overview

Connect to a variety of data sources

Metrics Advisor can connect to, and ingest multi-dimensional metric data from many data stores, including: SQL Server, Azure Blob Storage, MongoDB and more.

Easy-to-use and customizable anomaly detection

  • Metrics Advisor automatically selects the best model for your data, without needing to know any machine learning.
  • Automatically monitor every time series within multi-dimensional metrics.
  • Use parameter tuning and interactive feedback to customize the model applied on your data, and future anomaly detection results.

Real time alerts through multiple channels

Whenever anomalies are detected, Metrics Advisor is able to send real time alerts through multiple channels using hooks, such as: email hooks, web hooks and Azure DevOps hooks. Flexible alert rules let you customize which alerts are sent, and where.

Smart diagnostic insights by analyzing anomalies

Analyze anomalies detected on multi-dimensional metrics, and generate smart diagnostic insights including most the most likely root cause, diagnostic trees, metric drilling, and more. By configuring Metrics graph, cross metrics analysis can enabled to help you visualize incidents.

Typical workflow

The workflow is simple: after onboarding your data, you can fine-tune the anomaly detection, and create configurations to fit your scenario.

  1. Create an Azure resource for Metrics Advisor.
  2. Build your first monitor using the web portal.
    1. Onboard your data
    2. Fine-tune anomaly detection
    3. Subscribe to alerts
    4. View diagnostic insights
  3. Use the REST API to customize your instance.

Next steps