Tutorial: Share data using Azure Data Share

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a new Azure Data Share and start sharing your data with customers and partners outside of your Azure organization.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a Data Share.
  • Add datasets to your Data Share.
  • Enable a synchronization schedule for your Data Share.
  • Add recipients to your Data Share.


  • Azure Subscription: If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.
  • Your recipient's Azure login e-mail address (using their e-mail alias won't work).

Share from a storage account:

  • An Azure Storage account: If you don't already have one, you can create an Azure Storage account
  • Permission to add role assignment to the storage account, which is present in the Microsoft.Authorization/role assignments/write permission. This permission exists in the owner role.

Share from a SQL-based source:

  • An Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Data Warehouse with tables and views that you want to share.
  • Permission for the data share to access the data warehouse. This can be done through the following steps:
    1. Set yourself as the Azure Active Directory Admin for the server.
    2. Connect to the Azure SQL Database/Data Warehouse using Azure Active Directory.
    3. Use Query Editor (preview) to execute the following script to add the Data Share MSI as a db_owner. You must connect using Active Directory and not SQL Server authentication.
    create user <share_acct_name> from external provider;     
    exec sp_addrolemember db_owner, <share_acct_name>; 

Note that the <share_acc_name> is the name of your Data Share Account. If you have not created a Data Share account as yet, you can come back to this pre-requisite later.

  • Client IP SQL Server Firewall access: This can be done through the following steps: 1. Navigate to Firewalls and Virtual Networks 1. Click the on toggle to allow access to Azure Services.

Sign in to the Azure portal

Sign in to the Azure portal.

Create a Data Share Account

Create an Azure Data Share resource in an Azure resource group.

  1. Select the Create a resource button (+) in the upper-left corner of the portal.

  2. Search for Data Share.

  3. Select Data Share and Select Create.

  4. Fill out the basic details of your Azure Data Share resource with the following information.

    Setting Suggested value Field description
    Name datashareacount Specify a name for your data share account.
    Subscription Your subscription Select the Azure subscription that you want to use for your data share account.
    Resource group test-resource-group Use an existing resource group or create a new resource group.
    Location East US 2 Select a region for your data share account.
  5. Select Create to provision your data share account. Provisioning a new data share account typically takes about 2 minutes or less.

  6. When the deployment is complete, select Go to resource.

Create a Data Share

  1. Navigate to your Data Share Overview page.

    Share your data

  2. Select Start sharing your data.

  3. Select Create.

  4. Fill out the details for your Data Share. Specify a name, description of share contents, and terms of use (optional).


  5. Select Continue

  6. To add Datasets to your Data Share, select Add Datasets.


  7. Select the dataset type that you would like to add.


  8. Navigate to the object you would like to share and select 'Add Datasets'.


  9. In the Recipients tab, enter in the email addresses of your Data Consumer by selecting '+ Add Recipient'.


  10. Select Continue

  11. If you'd like your data consumer to be able to get incremental updates of your data, enable the snapshot schedule.


  12. Select a start time and recurrence interval.

  13. Select Continue

  14. In the Review + Create tab, review your Package Contents, Settings, Recipients, and Synchronization Settings. Select Create

Your Azure Data Share has now been created and the recipient of your Data Share is now ready to accept your invitation.

Next steps

In this tutorial, you learnt how to create an Azure Data Share and invite recipients. To learn about how a Data Consumer can accept and receive a data share, continue to the accept and receive data tutorial.