Get started with Defender for IoT

This article provides an explanation of the different components of the Defender for IoT service and explains how to get started with the service using two possible deployment options.

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Deployment options

Choose the service scenario that best meets your IoT device and environment requirements.

Built-in deployment

Using the seamless, built-in deployment option, Defender for IoT can be quickly integrated into your IoT Hub and provide security analysis of the IoT hub configuration, device identity and management, and hub-device communication patterns.

Start a Built-in deployment featuring IoT Hub monitoring and recommendations.

Enhanced deployment

For enhanced security capabilities, deploying Defender for IoT agents in addition to enabling IoT Hub security provides agent-based event collection, analysis and threat detection of key security data from your IoT devices as well as comprehensive security posture management capabilities.

Start an Enhanced deployment featuring an agent-based comprehensive threat protection and security posture management solution.

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