Manual test permissions and access

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Azure Test Plans uses an access level called Basic + Test Plans, which is available from Azure DevOps.

License requirements

Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Test Professional, and MSDN Platforms subscribers have access to use this feature. These users do not require an additional license, and can use this feature on their organization or collection for no additional charge. For more information, see Compare Visual Studio subscriptions.

Non-subscribers must purchase Basic + Test Plans to use this functionality. This can be for any specified number of users.


  • Manual testers do not need this extension and can execute tests as a Basic user in an Azure DevOps organization or collection.

  • This extension can't be used by Stakeholders.

  • Licenses for this extension also gives users rights to use Microsoft Test Manager (a deprecated on-premises client).

This table describes the license requirements in more detail:

Task or Use Case License requirement
Execute tests Basic license
Use the out-of-the-box standard charts Basic license
Create and manage test plans Basic + Test Plans license
Create and manage test suites Basic + Test Plans license
Author test cases using a grid-like view Basic + Test Plans license
Assign test cases to suites, move test cases, and order tests cases Basic + Test Plans license
Prepare for execution such as assigning configurations or testers Basic + Test Plans license
Prepare User Acceptance Testing Basic + Test Plans license

Access by user role

You can access most manual testing features when you are added as a team member or a member of the Contributors group for a project. The most common built-in groups include Readers, Contributors, and Project Administrators. For a simplified view of all default permissions assigned to built-in groups, see Default permissions and access.

Stakeholders have limited access to manual testing features. To learn more, see About access levels.

Task Stakeholders Readers Contributors Project Admins
Provide feedback using the Test & Feedback extension checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Exploratory testing, view test runs checkmark checkmark checkmark
Manage test plans and test suites

Manage test configurations and test environments

checkmark checkmark

Exploratory testing, create and delete test runs

checkmark checkmark

Request feedback using the Test & Feedback extension

checkmark checkmark
Azure Test Plans (formerly Test Manager, purchased separately) checkmark checkmark

Permissions can be applied on area paths and at the project-level. To learn how, see Set permissions and access for testing.

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