Validate XML for B2B enterprise integration in Azure Logic Apps with Enterprise Integration Pack

Often in B2B scenarios, the partners in an agreement must make sure that the messages they exchange are valid before data processing can start. You can validate documents against a predefined schema by using the use the XML Validation connector in the Enterprise Integration Pack.

Validate a document with the XML Validation connector

  1. Create a logic app, and link the app to the integration account that has the schema you want to use for validating XML data.

  2. Add a Request - When an HTTP request is received trigger to your logic app.

  3. To add the XML Validation action, choose Add an action.

  4. To filter all the actions to the one that you want, enter xml in the search box. Choose XML Validation.

  5. To specify the XML content that you want to validate, select CONTENT.

  6. Select the body tag as the content that you want to validate.

  7. To specify the schema you want to use for validating the previous content input, choose SCHEMA NAME.

  8. Save your work

You are now done with setting up your validation connector. In a real world application, you might want to store the validated data in a line-of-business (LOB) app like SalesForce. To send the validated output to Salesforce, add an action.

To test your validation action, make a request to the HTTP endpoint.

Next steps

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