Azure status overview

Azure status provides you with a global view of the health of Azure services and regions. With Azure status, you can get information on service availability. Azure status is available to everyone to view all services that report their service health, as well as incidents with wide-ranging impact. If you're a current Azure user, however, we strongly encourage you to use the personalized experience in Azure Service Health. Azure Service Health includes all outages, upcoming planned maintenance activities, and service advisories.

Azure status page

Azure status updates

The Azure status page gets updated in real time as the health of Azure services change. If you leave the Azure status page open, you can control the rate at which the page refreshes with new data. At the top, you can see the last time the page was updated.

Azure status refresh

Azure status history

While the Azure status page always shows the latest health information, you can view older events using the Azure status history page. The history page contains all RCAs for incidents that occurred on November 20th, 2019 or later and will - from that date forward - provide a 5-year RCA history. RCAs prior to November 20th, 2019 are not available.

RSS Feed

Azure status also provides an RSS feed of changes to the health of Azure services that you can subscribe to.

Next Steps

  • Learn how you can get a more personalized view into Azure health with Service Health.
  • Learn how you can get a more granular view into the health of your specific Azure resources with Resource Health.