Azure Billing libraries for .NET


Azure Billing API (preview) provides programmatic access to your Azure billing information and invoices.

Management library

Install the NuGet package directly from the Visual Studio Package Manager console or with the .NET Core CLI.

Visual Studio Package Manager

Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.Billing
dotnet add package Microsoft.Azure.Management.Billing

Code Example

Connect to Azure and get a list of invoices.

/* Include these directives
using Microsoft.Rest.Azure.Authentication;
using Microsoft.Azure.Management.Billing;
using Microsoft.Azure.Management.Billing.Models;

// Log into Azure
var serviceCreds = ApplicationTokenProvider.LoginSilentAsync(tenantId, clientId, secret);
var billingClient = new BillingClient(serviceCreds);
billingClient.SubscriptionId = subscriptionId;

// Get list of invoices