Introduction to Azure IoT

Solution Architect
Azure Portal
IoT Hub
IoT Central
IoT Edge
Time Series Insights
Cosmos DB
Blob Storage
Event Grid

Interested in building end to end IoT solutions or about Azure IoT, but aren't quite how to get started? This path is the place to start.

In this learning path, you will:

  • What does it mean to enable digital transformation with IoT
  • Learn Microsoft Azure IoT strategy and solutions
  • Learn how to connect devices to the cloud
  • Learn how to create and configure an IoT Hub
  • Learn more about device messaging and communication
  • Learn how to build IoT solutions with Azure IoT Central
  • Learn more about how intelligent edge can unblock new scenarios
  • Learn more about stream processing
  • Learn how to implement lambda architecture for IoT solutions
  • Learn how to Configure an IoT solution for Time Series Insight

Once you complete this learning path, you will have the fundamental understanding on how to build IoT solutions with Azure IoT.



Modules in this learning path

Digital transformation is a business innovation fueled by the explosion of the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of things (IoT), providing organizations with new ways to understand, manage, and transform their business.

This module provides an overview of Azure IoT, and describes Microsoft tools, services, and infrastructure. This knowledge can help bring IoT to life for your organization and customers.

Assess the characteristics of Azure IoT Hub and determine scenarios when to use IoT Hub.

This module is an introduction to the Internet of Things for IT admins.

This module builds an IoT Central app to monitor and command a refrigerated truck. After you create the app, you define a device template for a refrigerated truck. You then create a programming project, add code to simulate a truck, and communicate with your IoT Central app. You monitor the truck by using a custom dashboard.

Explain the essential characteristics of the IoT Edge and the functionality of the IoT Edge components (modules, runtime, and cloud interface). Characterize the types of problems that you can solve with IoT Edge. Describe how the elements of IoT Edge can be combined to solve the problem of deploying IoT applications in the cloud.

An overview of the concepts and resources behind storage technologies used in IoT applications on Azure. After completing the module, you can determine when to use Blob storage, Data Lake storage, Azure Cosmos DB, and Time Series Insights.

Azure Time Series Insights allows you to collect, process, store, analyze, and query data at Internet Of Things (IoT) scale. Learn how to deploy this service and use it to gain insights from data generated by IoT devices.