Install the Gen2 metrics app

The Power BI Premium utilization and metrics app is designed to provide monitoring capabilities for Power BI Gen2 Premium capacities. Use this guide to install the app. Once the app is installed, you can learn how to use it.


The app is updated regularly with new features and functionalities. If you see there's a pending update in the notifications center, we recommend that you update the app.


Before you install the Gen2 metrics app, review these requirements:

  • You need to be a capacity admin

  • The app only works with Gen2 capacities

Install the app

To install the Gen2 metrics app, follow these steps:

  1. Go to AppSource > Power BI Premium Capacity Utilization and Metrics and select Get it now.

  2. If prompted, sign in to AppSource using your work or school account and complete the registration screen. The app will take you to the Power BI Service to complete the process. Select Install to continue.

  3. Open the app and when you see the message You have to connect to your own data to view this report, select Connect.

    Screen capture of setup screen showing connect button.

  4. In the first window, fill in the following fields:

    • CapacityID - An ID of a capacity you're an admin of. You can find the capacity ID in the URL of the capacity management page. In the Power BI service, go to Settings > Admin portal > Capacity settings, then select a Gen2 capacity. The capacity ID is shown in the URL.

    Screen capture showing where to find the capacity I D in the page U R L.

    • UTC_offset - 0

    • APIBaseURL -

    • (Optional) - The app automatically refreshes data every day at midnight. To turn off this option, expand the Advanced option and turn the switch off.

  5. Select Next.

  6. In the second window, fill in the following fields:

    • Authentication method - Select your authentication method. The default authentication method is OAuth2.

    • Privacy level setting for this data source - Select Organizational to enable app access to all the data sources in your organization.


    ExtensionDataSourceKind and ExtensionDataSourcePath are internal fields related to the app's connector. Do not change the values of these fields.

  7. Select Sign in and continue.

Next steps