Verify or update your company profile information

Appropriate roles: Global admin | MPN account admin

The first time you sign into Partner Center as a Global admin, you should confirm that all of your company details are correct. These include primary contact, legal business name and address, and program information. If your company has more than one location, review your location data for accuracy. As the Global admin, Billing admin, or Admin agent, you will also be able to see and update your billing and tax information.


You must be the Global admin to update your billing address.

Your partner profile consists of your legal business information, primary contact name and email, the programs in which your company participates, and if relevant, your other companies that are now merged under your legal business. Make sure the Company name and address in your Legal business profile are free of spelling errors and abbreviations, and match your formal company business registration records exactly. If you are operating as a Sole Proprietor, you need to use your company name as your legal name.

  1. In Partner Center, select the Settings gear icon, then Account Settings, and then select Organization profile.

  2. Review the values for Legal business profile, Primary contact info, and Program info.

If you have merged your other companies under your legal business, you can review that information as well.

Update your legal company name or address on Partner Center.


  • For Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) accounts, both the Global admin and Account admin can update the legal company name.
  • For Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Indirect reseller accounts, only the Global admin can update the legal company name.
  • Direct bill partners and Indirect providers cannot change the legal name of their company if the account verification status is Authorized. If you need to change the name, you must create a Support ticket.
  1. In Partner Center, select the Settings gear icon, then Account Settings, and then select Organization profile.

  2. Select Legal, and then select the Legal business profile (Partner or Reseller) you want to update.

  3. Select Update next to the company name/address and change the details.

  4. When you select Submit, your legal identity will be reassessed. We reassess only what you have changed.

  5. If the verification fails, learn how to fix the problem.


If you are a CSP partner, you can't change the country associated with your legal address. Your legal address country is tied to your tenant and services as well as the currency you do business with. To learn about MPN country updates, read MPN country updates.

Program Who can update company name When (status) it can be updated Allowed
MPN Global admin; Account admin Authorized; pending; rejected Allowed
CSP: Indirect reseller Global admin Authorized; pending; rejected Allowed

Update your MPN Global Business Account

During your migration from Partner Membership Center to Partner Center, if the wrong business account was identified as the legal business, you can change it to the correct legal business account.

To make these updates, you need to be either the Global admin or Account admin. Learn how to manage your MPN Global location accounts

Update your MPN ID associated with your CSP account

  1. Sign into the Partner Center dashboard as a Global admin with your CSP account credentials and then select the Settings gear icon, then Account Settings. (Your MPN and CSP credentials may be different.)

  2. Select Identifiers.

  3. Under the CSP section, use the Update link to update the MPN ID associated with your CSP Account.

If you are the Global admin, you can change the address that appears on your invoice in your Payout and tax profile. Currently, you can't change the company name on your invoice because of a limitation with the invoice system.

Screen capture of area where billing information is added.

Field Description
Bill-to Company name The company name that appears in the Bill-To information on your CSP invoice. This information is not editable in Partner center. To update, create a support ticket.
Bill-to Address The Bill-to address shown on the CSP invoice. Can be updated from Billing profile.
Bill-to Contact The billing contact details (first name, last name, primary number) for the CSP account. Can be updated from Billing profile.
PO Number The Purchase Order number displayed on the partner invoice. Can be updated from Billing profile.
Company Tax ID Businesses in some countries can provide their value-added tax (VAT) number or local equivalent. To update your Tax/VAT ID, you must be a Global admin, billing admin, or admin agent.
Billing Currency The billing currency for your CSP account is determined by the legal country of the CSP account. This information cannot be changed once the CSP account is created.

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