View a report in the Power BI service for business users

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A report is one or more pages of visuals. Reports are created by Power BI designers and shared with business users directly or as part of an app. To open a report, you'll need either a Power BI Pro license, or for the report to be part of a workspace that is stored in a Premium capacity. Learn about licenses and subscriptions

There are many different ways to open a report and we'll show you two of them: open from Home and open from a dashboard.

Open a report from Power BI Home

Let's open a report that's been shared with you directly and then open a report that was shared as part of an app.

Screenshot showing the Power BI service Home canvas with arrows pointing to reports.

Open a report that has been directly shared with you

Power BI designers can share an individual report directly with you via a link in email or by adding it automatically to your Power BI content. Reports that are shared this way show up in the Shared with me container on your nav pane and in the Shared with me section of your Home canvas.

  1. Open the Power BI service (

  2. From the nav pane, select Home to display your Home canvas.

    Home canvas

  3. Scroll down until you see Shared with me. Look for the report icon report icon. In this screenshot we have one dashboard and one report. The report is named Sales and Marketing Sample.

    shared with me section of Home page

  4. Simply select the report name to open the report.

    report page

  5. Notice the tabs along the left side. Each tab represents a report page. We currently have the Growth Opportunity page open. Select the YTD Category tab to open that report page instead.

    Screenshot shows the report page tabs.

  6. Expand the Filters pane along the right side. Filters that have been applied to this report page, or to the entire report, are displayed here. You can change these filters to see the impact on your visuals and report.

    Power BI service with Filters expanded

  7. Display the actions menu for a visual. Hovering over a report visual reveals actions you can take on that visual. To see the filters applied to a specific visual, select the filter icon. Here we've selected the filter icon for the Total units by month and manufacturer line chart.

    Screenshot showing filters for the selected visual.

  8. You can also change the display of the report page. Right now, we're displaying the entire report page. To change the display (zoom) of the page, select the View dropdown from the upper right corner and choose Actual size and then switch to Fit to width. Notice the differences each view option makes to the display of your report.

    change zoom

    Change View to fit to width

There are many ways for you to interact with a report to discover insights and make business decisions. Use the table of contents on the left to read through other articles about Power BI reports.

Open a report that is part of an app

If you've received apps from colleagues or from AppSource, those apps are available from Home, and from the Apps and Shared with me containers on your nav pane. An app is a collection of dashboards and reports that have been bundled together for you by a Power BI designer.


Opening an app requires a Power BI Pro license, or for the app workspace to be stored in Power BI Premium capacity. Learn about licenses and subscriptions

To follow along, download the Sales and Marketing app.

  1. In your browser, navigate to
  2. Search for "Sales & Marketing" and select Microsoft sample - Sales & Marketing. Scroll down to see the search results.
  3. Select Get it now > Continue > Install to install the app in your Apps container.

You can now open the app from your Apps container or from Home.

  1. Go back to Home by selecting Home from the nav pane.

  2. Scroll down and select My Apps.

    Screenshot shows the My apps section of Power BI Home.

  3. Select your new Sales and marketing app to open it. Depending on the options set by the app designer, the app will open either a dashboard or a report. This app opens to a dashboard.

Open a report from a dashboard

Reports can be opened from a dashboard. Most dashboard tiles are pinned from reports. Selecting a tile opens the report that was used to create the tile.

  1. From the dashboard, select a tile. In this example we've selected the Total Units YTD Var % column chart tile.

    dashboard with tile selected

  2. The associated report opens. Notice that we're on the YTD Category page. This is the report page that contains the column chart we selected from the dashboard.

    report open in Reading view


Not all tiles lead to a report. If you select a tile that was created with Q&A, the Q&A screen will open. If you select a tile that was created using the dashboard Add tile widget, several different things may happen: a video may play, a website open, and more.

Still more ways to open a report

As you get more comfortable navigating the Power BI service, you'll figure out workflows that work best for you. A few other ways to access reports:

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