Service Station - Building RESTful Clients

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 10:00:00 GMT

This column how to build clients applications based on the REST architecture using HTTP AP1s. The article describes how to address the question of autogenerated types and code.

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Service Station - More On REST

Thu, 18 Jun 2009 10:00:00 GMT

This month's column answers frequently asked questions about implementing REST.

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Service Station - Creating And Consuming Web Feeds

Thu, 19 Mar 2009 10:00:00 GMT

Jon Flanders demonstrates creating and consuming Web feeds with Windows Communication Foundation and AtomPub.

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Service Station - An Introduction To RESTful Services With WCF

Fri, 19 Dec 2008 10:00:00 GMT

We discuss some of the basic tenets of REST as well as present an implementation of a RESTful service using WCF.

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