Implementing a UWP App with the Official OneDrive SDK

Mon, 01 Feb 2016 10:00:00 GMT

In the second part of a two-part series, Laurent Bugnion looks at the OneDrive SDK built by Microsoft, showing how the library can be added to a Universal Windows Platform app and how to work with the authentication scheme.

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Using the OneDrive REST API in a UWP App

Fri, 01 Jan 2016 10:00:00 GMT

In part one of a two-part series, Laurent Bugnion looks at Microsoft OneDrive and the low-level REST APIs that enable developers to work with the HttpClient, async/await keywords and the package.

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Implementing and Using Data Binding in Xamarin

Mon, 01 Jun 2015 10:00:00 GMT

Laurent Bugnion discusses data binding in XAML and Xamarin and shows how it can be implemented, using examples based on the MVVM Light Toolkit

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MVVM - The MVVM Light Messenger In-Depth

Mon, 02 Jun 2014 10:00:00 GMT

Laurent Bugnion finishes his series on MVVM development with an in-depth look at the MVVM Light Messenger, exploring both its ease of use benefits and associated potential risks.

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MVVM - Multithreading and Dispatching in MVVM Applications

Tue, 01 Apr 2014 10:00:00 GMT

Laurent Bugnion continues his series on the MVVM pattern with a look at a common scenario in modern client applications—handling multiple threads and helping them communicate with each other.

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MVVM - Commands, RelayCommands, EventToCommand

Wed, 01 May 2013 10:00:00 GMT

In this article, I would like to take a closer look at one of the important components of any Model-View-ViewModel applications: the command.

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MVVM - Maximizing the Visual Designer’s Usage with Design-Time Data

Mon, 01 Apr 2013 10:00:00 GMT

In his third MVVM article, Laurent Bugnion explains how you can simulate nonstatic data even at design time by tricking the visual designer into executing some design-time-only code.

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MVVM - Messenger and View Services in MVVM

Fri, 01 Mar 2013 10:00:00 GMT

This article, the second in a series about using the MVVM model in Windows 8, describes how the different layers of an application communicate, emphasizing communication between the ViewModel and the view using the MVVM Light Messenger event bus for status messages and a view service implementation for a dialog service.

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MVVM - IOC Containers and MVVM

Fri, 01 Feb 2013 10:00:00 GMT

In recent years, dependency injection (DI) and inversion of control (IOC) have gained popularity as means for creating and retrieving instances of classes in applications and libraries. This article examines these mechanisms, using MVVM Light’s SimpleIoc to illustrate the usefulness of implementing an IOC container in MVVM-based applications.

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MVVM - Using the MVVM Pattern in Windows 8

Wed, 10 Oct 2012 10:00:00 GMT

The Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern achieves a separation of logic and UX in Windows Store applications and also enables UX designers to create and test UIs without the existence of the underlying logic. Learn how to create an application using the MVVM design pattern in Visual Studio 12, using the MVVM Light Toolkit.

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