Best practices: Assessment for enterprise managed

The Best Practices Guide includes deployment recommendations and real-world examples from the Office 365 Product Group and delivery experts from Microsoft Services. For a list of all the articles, see Best practices.

Enterprise Managed success criteria is to deploy Office 365 ProPlus in a like-for-like fashion. Users should get the application set they had before, including Project and Visio, and their existing languages. 32-bit users should be kept on 32-bit, and 64-bit users should receive the appropriate 64- bit version. All InfoPath-based LOB applications must continue to work. Everything should work as before, with a minimal user impact and management overhead.

Assessment results

Size and distribution

  • 20,000+ employees

  • 17 supported languages

  • Worldwide across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions

  • 1,000s of travelling users, most of whom are offsite for extended periods

  • Sites are ranging from small offices up to a larger campus

IT infrastructure

  • Windows 7 64-bit

  • Small pockets of Mac users, ~500 total, managed by a third party Mac software distribution tool

  • All systems have en-us language pack installed, with additional languages per region or pulled by the user

  • Desktops, notebooks, and shared devices for shift workers

  • Remote Desktop Services and Citrix farm with 1,000s of users

  • Static and dynamic Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for a smaller user group

  • Network bandwidth is sufficient for daily business

  • Windows clients managed by System Center Configuration Manager

  • High bandwidth deployments (such as a 1 GB Office package) require pre -caching and staged deployment

  • Users do not have administrative rights on their machines

  • Network is a distributed layout with a small number of high-bandwidth internet interconnection points

Application landscape

  • Office 2010 Volume License (MSI) 32-bit

  • Groups of users who use Project 2010 and Visio 2010 (MSI) 32-bit

  • Finance department uses Office 2010 64-bit for working with large data sets

  • Small pockets still run Office/Visio/Project 2007 (MSI) 32-bit

  • OneDrive is in the evaluation phase and should not be deployed until signed off on

  • Due to legacy Line-of-Business (LOB) applications, InfoPath is required

Cloud infrastructure

  • Office 365 tenant with Azure AD Connect

  • On-Premises Active Directory Federation Services with Single Sign-on (SSO)

  • Exchange Online deployed in production

  • Self-service installations are blocked in the portal