Best practices: Assessment - reference materials

The Best Practices Guide includes deployment recommendations and real-world examples from the Office 365 Product Group and delivery experts from Microsoft Services. For a list of all the articles, see Best practices

The following articles provide deeper technical information on specific areas of the assessment phase that are not covered in depth in the customer scenarios.

Frequently asked questions

What is Office Click-to-Run? What are the differences between Office 365 ProPlus and previous versions of Office?

Overview of Click-to-Run

Changes in Office 2016 for Windows

Does it still use KMS/MAK to activate? Does it require Internet connection?

Office 365ProPlus uses the Office Licensing Service (OLS) to activate. It requires an Internet connection to the OLS at least once every 30 days.

Overview of licensing and activation in Office 365 ProPlus

Licensing and activation data sent to Office 365 by Office 365 ProPlus

How does activation work for Office 2016 for Mac?

Overview of activation for Office 2016 for Mac

What are the Office 365 ProPlus and Office 2016 for Mac system requirements?

System requirements for Office

Can I still leverage my existing deployment tools and processes?

Determine the deployment method to use for Office 365 ProPlus

Deployment options for admins for Office 2016 for Mac

How can I assess if my current add-ins, macros, and complex documents will work in Office 365 ProPlus?

Office Telemetry is a compatibility monitoring framework to help reduce the time and risks of an Office upgrade. See Best practices: Office Telemetry.