Best practices: Planning - reference materials

The Best Practices Guide includes deployment recommendations and real-world examples from the Office 365 Product Group and delivery experts from Microsoft Services. For a list of all the articles, see Best practices.

The following articles provide deeper technical information on specific areas of the planning phase that are not covered in depth in the customer scenarios.

Frequently asked questions

Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges

Network requests in Office 365 ProPlus

How can I measure the network impact that Office 365 ProPlus builds have?

How big was this month's Office ProPlus update?

How should I plan for my coexistence scenarios, such as preexisting versions of Office, Project, and Visio?

Supported scenarios for installing different versions of Office, Visio, and Project on the same computer

What's new to help me plan and manage an Office 2016 for Mac deployment?

What's new for admins in Office 2016 for Mac

How can I plan for a multi-language deployment of Office 365 ProPlus?

Plan for multilanguage deployment of Click-to-Run-based Office installations

What are the language packs and proofing tools available for Office 365 ProPlus?

Language identifiers and OptionState Id values in Office 2016

Do I need a language pack, Language Accessory Pack (LAP), or a Language Interface Pack (LIP)?

Companion proofing languages for Office 2016

Language Accessory Pack for Office 2016

I have shared workstations and/or a VDI environment. How does Office 365 ProPlus support shared devices?

Overview of shared computer activation for Office 365 ProPlus