Office Customization Tool (OCT) 2016 Help: Add accounts

Applies to: Office Professional Plus 2016, Office Standard 2016

Summary: Includes new Outlook e-mail accounts in the user's profile.

Select Do not customize Outlook profile and account information if you do not want to add accounts to the Outlook profile that you are configuring.

To add a new account, select Customize additional Outlook profile and account information, and then choose Add. To modify an account in the list, select it, and then choose Modify. To remove an account from the list, select it, and then choose Remove.

You can also specify the following:

  • When you configure an Exchange account or add an Outlook data file (.pst file), expand the Deliver new mail to the following location, and then select the delivery location for new e-mail messages. The default location is the Exchange account, if one is configured; otherwise, the location defaults to the .pst file on the user's computer.

  • Expand the Default e-mail account and then select the account that will be the default e-mail account for users.

Office Customization Tool (OCT) 2016 Help: Add Account and Account Settings dialog box