Office Customization Tool (OCT) 2016 Help: Remove files

Applies to: Office Professional Plus 2016, Office Standard 2016

Summary: Removes files from users' computers when Office is installed.

Files listed in the Remove files list are removed from the user's computer before files listed in the Add files list are installed. Therefore, you can delete existing files on a user's computer and replace them with new versions. If the target file on a user's computer has been renamed or modified, an added file with the same name does not replace it.

To create a list of files to remove from the user's computer during installation, choose Add. To modify the path or name of a file, select the file in the Remove files list, and then choose Modify. To remove a file from the list, select the file, and then choose Remove. You can use the SHIFT and CTRL keys to select multiple files at one time.

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