Assistance Offered and Eligible Plans

When you purchase any of the Windows 10 or Microsoft 365 services (as detailed in the following Eligible plans section), FastTrack Specialists provide advisory and remediation guidance if you encounter app compatibility issues as you deploy to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus and stay up-to-date at no additional cost (with an eligible subscription).

To get help, complete the Desktop App Assure service request.

Partners can also get help through the FastTrack site on behalf of a customer. To do so, the partner signs into the site, selects the customer record, clicks Services, and completes the Request for Assistance for Desktop App Assure form.

Assistance offered

FastTrack provides assistance for the following:

  • Enable apps that work on Windows 7 to also work on Windows 10.
  • Support for:
    • Customer-developed apps targeting a supported version of Windows 10.
    • Third-party independent software vendor (ISV) apps targeting a supported version of Windows 10.
    • Office 365 ProPlus targeting a supported version of Windows 10, including macros and add-ins.
    • Microsoft products and services targeting a supported version of Windows 10.
    • Windows 10 desktop and web apps.


FastTrack makes every reasonable effort to resolve compatibility issues.

Out of scope

FastTrack doesn’t provide assistance for:

  • App inventory and testing to determine what does and doesn’t work on Windows 10.
  • Researching third-party ISV apps for Windows 10 compatibility and support statements.
  • App packaging-only services. However, the Desktop App Assure team packages apps that we have remediated for Windows 10 to ensure they can be deployed in the customer’s environment.


    Microsoft can’t make changes to your source code. However, the Desktop App Assure team can provide guidance to app developers if the source code is available for your apps.

Eligible plans

You must purchase at least 150 licenses from the list of the following eligible plans to receive FastTrack services for Desktop App Assure:

Windows 10

  • Windows 10 E3
  • Windows 10 E5
  • Windows 10 Education A3
  • Windows 10 Education A5
  • Windows 10 Enterprise with Software Assurance

Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 Education A3
  • Microsoft 365 Education A5


There’s no minimum licensing requirement for commercial ISVs building Windows 10 apps. All app requests must be targeting a Windows 10 or Office 365 ProPlus version that’s currently within the mainstream servicing window.