Buying and deploying Microsoft Teams IP phones

For customers who require desk phones and conference room phones to make and receive audio calls or join meetings, Microsoft Teams provides a growing portfolio of devices. Customers can directly purchase these devices from our Teams Marketplace.

Phones must be on a minimum firmware version listed in the table below to run Microsoft Teams natively.

Phone Model Firmware Version Release Date
Audiocodes C450HD Coming soon Coming soon
Crestron Flex P100-T/P110-T Coming soon Coming soon
Crestron M100 2.3875.00068 Dec 2018
Polycom Trio Coming soon Coming soon
Yealink CP 960 Dec 2018
Yealink T58/T56 series Dec 2018

The minimum firmware version can be checked on the Teams sign-in page by choosing the Settings icon in the top-right corner and then clicking About.

Teams sign-in page

The Teams sign-in page

Settings page

The Teams Settings page

Required Licenses

Microsoft Teams licenses can be purchased as part of their Office 365 subscriptions. To learn more about the required licenses for using Microsoft Teams on phones, see available phone system licenses.

For more information about getting Teams, check out How do I get access to Microsoft Teams?

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