Remote provisioning and sign in for Teams Android devices

IT admins can remotely provision and sign in to a Teams Android device. To provision a device remotely, the admin needs to upload the MAC IDs of the devices being provisioned and create a verification code. The entire process can be completed remotely from the Teams admin center.

Review the supported devices

The following list shows the Android device firmware requirements.

Device category Device model Firmware version
Teams phones Yealink T55/T56/T58
Teams phones Yealink VP59
Teams phones Yealink CP960
Teams phones Yealink MP56/MP54/MP58
Teams phones Crestron UC-2

Add a device MAC address

Complete the following steps to provision a new device.

  1. Sign in to the Teams admin center.
  2. Expand Devices.
  3. Select Provision new device from the Actions tab.

In the Provision new devices window, you can either add the MAC address manually or upload a file.

Manually add a device MAC address

  1. From the Awaiting Activation tab, select Add MAC ID.

    manually add a device mac address

  2. Enter the MAC ID.

  3. Enter a location, which helps technicians identify where to install the devices.

  4. Select Apply when finished.

Upload a file to add a device MAC address

  1. From the Awaiting Activation tab, select Upload MAC IDs.
  2. Download the file template.
  3. Enter the MAC ID and location, and then save the file.
  4. Select file, and then select Upload.

Generate a verification code

You need a verification code for the devices. The verification code is generated in bulk or at the device level and is valid for 24 hours.

  1. From the Awaiting Activation tab, select an existing MAC ID. A password is created for the MAC address and is shown in the Verification Code column.

  2. Provide the list of MAC IDs and verification codes to the field technicians. You can export the detail directly in a file and share the file with the technician who is doing the actual installation work.

Provision the device

When the device is powered on and connected to the network, the technician provisions the device. These steps are completed on the Teams device.

  1. The technician selects Provision device from the Settings.

    Provision new device option from the Actions tab

  2. The technician enters the device-specific verification code in the provided input field.

    Provision new device verification

    Once the device is provisioned successfully, the tenant name appears on the sign-in page.

    Tenant name on sign-in page

Sign in remotely

The provisioned device appears in the Awaiting sign in tab. Start the remote sign-in process by selecting the individual device.

  1. Select a device from the Awaiting sign in tab.

    The window with a list of devices ready for sign in.

  2. Follow the instructions in Sign in a user, and then select Close.

    the Sign in a user window for individual device

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