Tools and workshops: Plan, deliver, and adopt Microsoft Teams

Download these tools to walk you through planning, delivering, and adopting Teams in your organization.

  • Microsoft Teams Customer Success Kit

    This kit contains a wide range of presentations, email templates, tips & tricks, and posters that you can use to roll out and drive adoption of Teams in your organization. It includes two quick start guides for administrators, team leaders and use case examples for every department. Use these resources to make the most of Teams for various functions in your organization, including Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Engineering, and Project Management.

  • Admin quick start guide

    This document walks you through the five implementation phases for successfully enabling Teams. It includes a technical planning questionnaire that captures information about your organization's current Office 365 environment. This information lets the workshop leader customize the workshop presentation. The questionnaire also captures your decisions and next steps from the workshop.

  • Workshop: Plan, deliver, & operate Teams

    Use this PowerPoint deck to lead a workshop with your organization to plan your Teams rollout. The workshop introduces Teams and guides your team through decision points and next steps.

  • Office 365 Government Customers

    Your journey to Teams is much like our enterprise customers' experience. As Microsoft Teams becomes generally available to your tenants starting July 19th, we encourage you to start with our Admin quick start guide. Our security and compliance overview will help you feel confident about Teams in your environment. To accommodate the requirements of our government cloud customers there are a few differences between the Government plans and that of customers on Enterprise plans. The following features will be unavailable, or disabled by default with the option for an admin to enable as noted:

Capability Reason
Call and Meeting Recording
Recording is dependent on Microsoft Stream, which will be coming to Government plans in the future.
Apps (Bots, Tabs, Connectors) will not be available initially, but we are working on making these available once all their components can meet the FedRAMP Moderate compliance bar.
Email a Channel
Current architecture not supported in the government plans.
Unified Presence
We are finishing work for our enterprise customers first for this important feature. This will arrive to government customers in the future.
Email Notifications
Current architecture not supported in the government plans. Work is ongoing to bring this feature to government customers in the future.
Disabled by default, but can be enabled by an admin. Please note that Giphy does send gif search terms outside of the compliance boundary.

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