Raise your hand option in Teams meetings

During a Microsoft Teams meeting, a participant can use the Raise your hand option to get the speaker's and moderator's attention.

This feature is important for the following reasons:

  • Participants can signal that they want to talk without disrupting the meeting.

  • The moderator or speaker can see if anyone in the meeting wants to talk.

  • Raise your hand makes meetings more inclusive by encouraging participation from participants.

  • Raise your hand provides a simple, quick way to take a poll of meeting participants.

A Teams admin doesn't have to create a policy for the feature to appear in a meeting.

Raise your hand display

Raise your hand is always available in any meeting you join and is supported on all clients except meeting room devices (at the moment).

  • A raised hand is visible to all meeting participants and indicated by a hand icon.

  • Raised hands are shown in the meeting stage, roster (sorted by duration), and when sharing content.

  • The raised hand is displayed as yellow adjacent to a participant's name.

Once participants has been acknowledged, they can use the Lower your hand option. Meeting presenters can also lower a participant's hand.

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