Get tools to support a rollout of Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams Customer Success Kit provides tools to assist your organization with the successful rollout of Microsoft Teams for your organization. The kit includes email templates for announcements, flyers, posters, and countdown and tips and tricks email. It also includes Getting Started Guides for team leaders and IT administrators. Download the Teams Customer Success Kit today.

Learn, adjust, and repeat

As you go through the steps recommended here using the Customer Success Kit resources your stakeholders, champions and users will share feedback. These valuable insights can assist you in adjusting your approach, messaging and models to drive additional adoption and ultimately land your business outcomes. Flexibility in an agile service management model is critical in delivering success at the pace of business today. If you are reading this document, you are one of the core individuals responsible for the success of this deployment and your ability to adjust your plan based on current conditions will accelerate the adoption curve in your company.

Microsoft Teams is designed to foster collaboration while being a simple to use yet robust service. Periodically revisiting the business outcomes, you selected at the beginning of this journey will ensure that you are delivering measurable business impact within those priorities through the adoption of Microsoft Teams.

Decision Point icon. Decision Point
  • What is your change management strategy?
  • How has your organization handled change management for other technology rollouts?
  • Who are your executive sponsors, champions, Service Owners/IT Admins that will influence how successful Teams is in your organization?
  • Who will be your pilot group?
Next Steps icon. Next Steps
  • Establish a change management and adoption strategy for Microsoft Teams using the best practices.
  • Introduce the champions, team leaders to your strategy, the Customer Success Kit and the Getting Started Guides to begin building the internal team of champions for Microsoft Teams.