Understand the journey from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

In this training, we introduce the new intelligent communications vision and explain the future for Skype for Business and Teams.

This training is for you if you're:

  • An IT Pro

  • Responsible for planning, deploying, or managing Skype for Business

  • Interested in understanding how to introduce Teams in your organization

We'll go into detail on how these two products come together and explain what steps you can take today to prepare an existing Skype for Business environment for Teams. The key learnings of this tutorial are:

  • Understand the Intelligent communications vision

  • Understand the journey from Skype for Business Online to Teams

  • Understand what actions should be started today

We won't cover "How to" procedures for turning on Teams or running Skype for Business and Teams side by side. For this information, see the following:

If you have any questions or feedback about this training, please:

  • Post in the comments section at the bottom of the 'next steps' page of this tutorial

  • Email us at AskTeams@microsoft.com

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