Manage search relevance in SharePoint Server

Summary: Learn how you can configure settings to provide the most relevant search results in SharePoint Server 2016 and SharePoint Server 2013.

The following articles provide information about how you manage relevance to improve search results in SharePoint Server.

Articles about managing search relevance

The following articles about managing search relevance in SharePoint ServerSharePoint Server 2016 are available to view online. Writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback.

Content Description
Manage query spelling correction in SharePoint Server Learn how to include single words in or exclude single words from query spelling corrections to help correct spelling errors in queries.
Manage query suggestions in SharePoint Server Query suggestions are phrases that you want the search system to suggest to users as they start typing a query. This article explains how to switch query suggestions on or off. It also explains how you can add phrases to the automatic query suggestions, and how you can add phrases that should not be used as query suggestions.
Create and deploy a thesaurus in SharePoint Server Learn how to create and deploy a thesaurus to expand queries with synonyms.
Configure authoritative pages in SharePoint Server Learn how to specify authoritative pages and non-authoritative URLs and sites. Search uses the list of authoritative pages to calculate the ranking of results.
Manage query rules in SharePoint Server Learn how to improve search results by creating and managing query rules.
Configure result sources for search in SharePoint Server Result sources limit searches to certain content or to a subset of search results. Learn how to create and manage result sources.
Create and deploy custom entity extractors in SharePoint Server Learn to create custom entity extractors and how to use them to set up custom refiners. Create one or more custom entity extraction dictionaries and connect them to managed properties.
Manage company name extraction in SharePoint Server Learn how to include company names to be extracted from content for search results, or how to exclude company names from being extracted.
Customize search result types in SharePoint Server Create and configure custom search result types so that users can readily distinguish and preview different kinds of items in a list of search results.
Configure trust for search between two SharePoint Server farms Configure a SharePoint Server 2016 or a SharePoint Server 2013 content farm that receives search queries to trust the SharePoint Server farm that sends the queries.