Dialing out from a meeting so other people can join it

As the meeting organizer, you can dial out using a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams app to let other people join the same meeting using their phone. Although it's not required, when you are dialing out to someone, it's recommended that you dial the full number, including the country/region code. To get dial-out to work:

  • You can dial-out only if you join a meeting using a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams app.

  • You as the meeting organizer have been enabled for audio conferencing.


We are frequently updating how you can manage features found in Microsoft Teams so the steps here might be a little different in the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business admin center.

Step 1: In the invite meeting, use the Invite More People option to dial out to a phone number.

Dial-out with Skype for Business.

Step 2: Enter the full phone number, including the country/region code in the box.

Dial-out phone number in Skype for Business

Supported countries and regions

Dial-out is only available to some countries/regions. For complete list, see Country and region availability for Audio Conferencing and Calling Plans.

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