Reset a conference ID for a user

When your organizations hasn't been enabled for dynamic conference IDs, a static conference ID is automatically created when a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams user is enabled for Audio Conferencing using Microsoft as the provider. This conference ID is included at the bottom of meeting invitations along with the dial-in phone numbers that can be used by callers to call in to a meeting. When the user dials the phone number, the auto attendant for the meeting will ask the caller to enter this conference ID so they can attend the meeting.


If your conferencing provider is Microsoft, your users' conference IDs are set to Dynamic Only by default. Unfortunately, you won't be able to change it in the Skype for Business Admin Center or using Windows Powershell. You will have to contact Microsoft support.

Static IDs are used when people in your organization don't want to remember a random number; they can select a certain number or use one that's easy to remember. When dynamic conference IDs are used, each meeting that a user schedules will get assigned a unique conference ID. If you want to assign dynamic rather than static conference IDs, go here.

Conference IDs are only automatically set only for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams users enabled for Audio Conferencing using Microsoft as their audio conferencing provider. If you need to reset a conference ID for a user who is using a third-party audio conferencing provider (ACP), you will need to manually enter a conference ID on the properties page for the user.

Resetting the conference ID for a user

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account.

  2. Go to the Office 365 admin center > Skype for Business.

  3. In the Skype for Business admin center, click Audio conferencing > Users, select a user, and then in the Action pane under Conference ID click Reset.

  4. In the Reset conference ID? window, click Yes. A conference ID will be automatically created and an email sent to the user with the new conference ID. By default, emails are sent to users, but this can be turned off.


    After you reset the conference ID, an email with the new conference ID will be sent to the user. This email will be sent to the primary email address, in many cases, their Office 365 mailbox. The email contains the new conference ID, default dial-in phone number(s) and instructions to use the Skype for Business Meeting Update Tool to update existing meetings.

What else should I know?

  • You can send all of the conferencing information to the user in an email that includes the conference ID and dial-in phone numbers by clicking Send conference info via email for the user in the Action pane. It doesn't send the PIN.

  • A conference ID will contain 7 digits, and you can't change its length in the Skype for Business admin center or by using Windows PowerShell.

  • After it has been reset, you can see the new conference ID listed under Conference ID.

  • The conference ID for a user for audio conferencing can be viewed at the bottom of the Action pane under Audio conferencing when you select the user on the Users page.

  • After a new conference ID is created, the old conference ID can't be used by callers. You should notify users to reschedule their existing meeting invites to make sure the new conference ID is added to the invitations. The users can use Skype for Business Meeting Tool to update their existing meetings. To see how to download, install, and run the Skype for Business Meeting Update Tool, see:

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