Toll free dialing limitations and restrictions

This will help you find out how to dial toll free numbers in each country or region. After you select the country/region, it will take you to a page that contains where toll free service is available including specific details, restrictions and limits. The dialing format or formats will show you the required access codes within each country/region to dial the toll free number.

If you're ready, select a country or region:

Select your country or region to see the dialing codes, limitations and restrictions.

Here are some important things for you to remember about toll free numbers:

  • Toll free numbers only operate within each country/region. For example, your users won't be able to call an Australian toll-free number outside of Australia.

  • Acquiring or porting Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) isn't supported.

  • In many countries/regions, the regulator/telecommunication agency in the country/region requires each toll free phone number to maintain at least 100 minutes of usage per month in order to retain the number.


    In the event you get a toll free number and the usage of the number doesn't meet these minimum requirements, Microsoft may be compelled by the regulator/telecommunication agency to reclaim the number from you.

  • Wireline, fixed line, and mobile network access to toll-free numbers may be fully or partially restricted. The dialing format describes the required access codes within each country/region to place calls using the toll free number.

  • North America Numbering Plan Toll Free Numbers: Per-minute rates for North America Numbering Plan toll free numbers are determined by the originating country. The toll free per-minute rate for calls that originate from the United States map to the rate defined as "North America." However, calls that originate from other North American countries such as Canada, Puerto Rico, etc. have specific toll free rates.


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