+ is automatically added to all Skype for Business for iOS calls


After you upgrade to the Skype for Business for iOS application on your iPhone or iPad, you notice that "+<country code>" is automatically added at the front of the number text box. This may cause a problem for customers who dial by using an extension or who have other custom dialing behavior. 

For example, customers are in the United States, which has a country code of 1. They are used to dialing "5000" to call an internal DID. However, the dialing rules encounter "+15000" instead. In this situation, the call may fail for this user.


The same dialing behavior in the Skype Consumer iOS application are adopted by the Skype for Business for iOS application. This includes automatically adding +<country code> to all calls.


This issue can be addressed by both the user and the Enterprise Voice administrator in the on-premises deployment.


In the Skype for Business for iOS application, the user can press and hold the Delete button to backspace over the +<country code> entry.

Enterprise Voice administrators can manipulate dialed numbers by using normalization rules within the dial plan. They may also be able to use a trunk translation rule to do this, depending on the dial plan configuration.

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