Phone number management for the U.S.

Use this table to find information on getting and managing phone numbers in the United States (and Puerto Rico) for Skype for Business Online.

For more information, see Manage phone numbers for your organization.

What you want to do? Do these steps and download the correct forms
You need to get user numbers that aren't listed in the Skype for Business admin center.
Download the New phone numbers for the U.S. form, fill it out and send it to us.
You need to get phone numbers transferred to us.
Download one of these forms:
Letter of Authorization (LOA) for the U.S. (User and Service numbers)
Letter of Authorization (LOA) for the U.S. (Toll Free numbers)
**Note:** If you are trying to get more than 999 subscriber or user phone numbers, you will need to fill out a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and send it to us. See [Transfer phone numbers to Office 365](../../what-are-calling-plans-in-office-365/ for more information.           Fill it out and [send it to us](  <br/> |

|You need to change a user's number to a service number.
|Send us your PIN and the list of user numbers you want to convert to service numbers. To set up a PIN, go here).
| |You need to transfer numbers from one Office 365 organization to another.
|Send us the list of user (subscriber) phone numbers you want to transfer along with the PIN of the source organization where you want to transfer the numbers from. To set up a PIN, go here.

Different kinds of phone numbers used for Calling Plans

Manage phone numbers for your organization

Emergency calling terms and conditions

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