DirectX Graphics Infrastructure DDI

The DirectX Graphics Infrastructure (DXGI) was developed with the realization that some parts of graphics evolve more slowly than others. DXGI provides a common framework for future graphics components. The first Direct3D runtime version that takes advantage of DXGI is Direct3D version 10. In previous versions of the Direct3D runtime, access to low-level tasks was included in the Direct3D runtime. DXGI defines a DDI that manages low-level shared tasks independently from the Direct3D runtime. The following tasks are now implemented with DXGI, and you can use the DXGI DDI to handle these tasks:

  • Presentation

  • Gamma correction control

  • Resource residency

  • Resource priority

The following sections describe how the user-mode display driver supports and uses the DXGI DDI:

Supporting the DXGI DDI

Passing DXGI Information at Resource Creation Time

DXGI Presentation Path

Setting DXGI Information in the Registry