Data analysis in Workplace Analytics

Microsoft Workplace Analytics is a cloud-based service that provides rich, actionable insights into your company’s communication and collaboration trends that help you make more effective business decisions.

Combining the organizational data that your company chooses to provide with email and calendar metadata from Office 365, Workplace Analytics enables analysts to provide business leaders with unprecedented insights about how people spend their time, and who they spend it with. These insights empower business leaders to drive strategies for sales, employee engagement, and productivity initiatives.

You can explore the data with the Workplace Analytics dashboards, and dive deeper into your company’s behavioral metrics by using custom queries and query templates.

Workplace Analytics provides the following ways to analyze and explore your data.

Home gives a high-level overview of collaboration and links to popular features. As a new user, you will only see the new Admin setup experience until you get Workplace Analytics set up for the first time.

Analyze includes the following data analysis tools:

  • Explore dashboards help you analyze organizational data trends that are summarized by week, per meeting, by network connections, for management and coaching, and for external collaboration.

  • Queries help you investigate organizational data to answer specific questions. The different query types of Person, Meeting, Group-to-group, and Person-to-group give you flexibility to look at data from multiple perspectives and generate powerful insights.

Plans currently provide a Teamwork improvement plan that enables teams to build better collaboration habits and master their time by using the combined power of Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics. You can use Workplace Analytics to discover what challenges teams are struggling with, such as collaboration overload, and then enroll the teams in action plans with MyAnalytics to help address these challenges.

Settings enable you to customize Workplace Analytics with the following:

  • Sources – View dashboards to verify that Office 365 and organizational data is loaded.
  • Upload – Prepare and upload organizational and customer data.
  • Analysis settings – Customize meeting exclusion rules to help ensure data accuracy.
  • Admin settings – Configure system defaults and privacy settings.