Analyze data in Workplace Analytics

Analyze provides data analysts with all the tools they need to explore collaboration trends and create custom queries for more specific data analysis.

Explore provides the following set of analytical dashboards as a starting point to gain quick insights into your organization's data and to identify data you want to investigate further.   

  • Week in the life gives a summary of day-to-day collaboration in the organization.
  • Meetings overview gives a summary of meeting norms within your organization.
  • Management and coaching gives a summary of collaboration between leaders, managers, and employees.
  • Internal networks shows network connections between different people within a company exclusively, for example, between the sales department and the human resources department.
  • External collaboration gives a summary of employees' network patterns with people outside the company.

Queries give you the flexibility to dive deeper into your organization’s behavioral metrics to generate insights. You can create three types of queries in Workplace Analytics: Person, Group, and Meeting. Each query type can help answer specific questions you may be investigating.