Microsoft.​Identity​Model.​Clients.​Active​Directory (2.28.2) Microsoft.​Identity​Model.​Clients.​Active​Directory (2.28.2) Namespace


AdalError AdalError

Error code returned as a property in AdalException

AdalException AdalException

The exception type thrown when an error occurs during token acquisition.

AdalServiceException AdalServiceException

The exception type thrown when user returned by service does not match user in the request.

AdalSilentTokenAcquisitionException AdalSilentTokenAcquisitionException

The exception type thrown when a token cannot be acquired silently.

AdalTrace AdalTrace

This class manages tracing in ADAL.

AdalUserMismatchException AdalUserMismatchException

The exception type thrown when user returned by service does not match user in the request.

AuthenticationContext AuthenticationContext

The AuthenticationContext class retrieves authentication tokens from Azure Active Directory and ADFS services.

AuthenticationParameters AuthenticationParameters

Contains authentication parameters based on unauthorized response from resource server.

AuthenticationResult AuthenticationResult

Contains the results of one token acquisition operation.

ClientAssertion ClientAssertion

Credential type containing an assertion of type "urn:ietf:params:oauth:token-type:jwt".

ClientAssertionCertificate ClientAssertionCertificate

Containing certificate used to create client assertion.

ClientCredential ClientCredential

Credential including client id and secret.

TokenCache TokenCache

Token cache class used by AuthenticationContext to store access and refresh tokens.

TokenCacheItem TokenCacheItem

Token cache item

TokenCacheNotificationArgs TokenCacheNotificationArgs

Contains parameters used by the ADAL call accessing the cache.

UserAssertion UserAssertion

Credential type containing an assertion representing user credential.

UserCredential UserCredential

Credential used for integrated authentication on domain-joined machines.

UserIdentifier UserIdentifier

Contains identifier for a user.

UserInfo UserInfo

Contains information of a single user. This information is used for token cache lookup. Also if created with userId, userId is sent to the service when login_hint is accepted.


AdalTraceLevel AdalTraceLevel

Trace level for logging.

AuthenticationStatus AuthenticationStatus

Represents the outcome of one authentication operation.

PromptBehavior PromptBehavior

Indicates whether AcquireToken should automatically prompt only if necessary or whether it should prompt regardless of whether there is a cached token.

UserIdentifierType UserIdentifierType

Indicates the type of UserIdentifier


AuthenticationContextDelegate AuthenticationContextDelegate

Optional delegate that can be defined by the developer to process the result of acquire token requests.

TokenCacheNotification TokenCacheNotification

Notification for certain token cache interactions during token acquisition.