UWP library

This is a renderer which targets UWP native controls.

Add a renderer

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Create an instance of your renderer

Create an instance of the renderer library.

var renderer = new XamlCardRenderer();

Render a card

Acquire a card from a source and render it.

var uiCard = await renderer.RenderCardAsXamlAsync(card);
// add it to your ui


Here is an example from the UWP renderer.

var renderer = new XamlCardRenderer();
var uiCard = await renderer.RenderCardAsXamlAsync(_card);


To customize the renderer you provide an instance of the HostConfig object. (See Host Config Schema for the full description.)

The HostConfig object will be instantiated with defaults, so you can set just the properties you want to change.


var hostOptions = new AdaptiveHostOptions() 
    FontSizes = {
        Small = 15,
        Normal = 20,
        Medium = 25,
        Large = 30,
        ExtraLarge= 40
renderer.HostOptions = hostConfig;

When you pass it in to the UWPRenderer you are setting the default HostConfig to use for every card you render.

Changing per element rendering

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UI Framework styling

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Next steps