Future work

While we have made excellent progress defining adaptive cards, there is still lots of work to do. Our hope is that through active developer communities like botness, and great partners like Slack and Kik, we can create a great ecosystem of cross-platform cards.


You can see our current (non-final) roadmap here. Note that anything on here is subject to change, and is not a guarantee of shipping.

Future ideas

The following are some future ideas we have, which are simply in the brainstorm stage. If you're interested in any of these, let us know in a comment.

Great looking Cards from Data

We know many card authors already have well-defined data behind their cards. Our plan is to explore a templating model that would allow cards to be generated (server side or client side) based on the data and a repository of well-defined and customizable templates.

Make cards responsive

Card layouts should be reactive to available space. Adaptive cards are adaptable to different devices, ux styles and and ui frameworks, but they are not reactive yet. Additional properties must be defined on elements which allow card producers to provide the necessary hints to the rendering libraries so that they can intelligently change the layout in a way which maintains the intent of the card.

Responsive exploration

  • Add an importance property which annotates importance of content. Less important content can be dropped to fit available space
  • Add constraints and policy properties describing how to react when constraints can't be met.
    • Hide content or collapse content to smaller size.
    • Add a threshold that, when exceeded, changes columnSet to carousel of columns.

New element types

  • Maps? - embed a map into a card with interactivity or fallback to bitmap
  • What elements do you want or need?

New rendering libraries

  • React?
  • Xamarin?
  • What frameworks do you want?