JavaScript SDK for creating cards


The library for serializing JSON is still in development and your milage may vary.

As we described in the getting started section, an adaptive card is nothing more then a serialized json object of a card object model. To make it easy to manipulate the object model we have defined some libraries which define a strongly typed class hierarchy that is easy to serialize/deserialize json.

You can use any tooling that you want to create the adaptive card json.

The adaptivecards npm package defines a library for working with adaptive cards in javascript

To install

npm install adaptivecards

Example creating

There are interface definitions in schema.d.ts which describe the shape of the schema

let card = {
    "type": "AdaptiveCard",
    "version": "1.0",
    "body": [
            "type": "Container",
            "items": [
                    "type": "TextBlock",
                    "text": "Meow!"
                    "type": "Image",
                    "url": ""

There is also an object model for creating cards.

let card :IAdaptiveCard =  new AdaptiveCard();
card.body.add(new TextBlock() 
    text = "hello world"