AgeRange Value Set - Campaign Management

Defines the possible age range values that you can use to target ads to people.


<xs:simpleType name="AgeRange" xmlns:xs="">
  <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
    <xs:enumeration value="Unknown" />
    <xs:enumeration value="EighteenToTwentyFour" />
    <xs:enumeration value="TwentyFiveToThirtyFour" />
    <xs:enumeration value="ThirtyFiveToFourtyNine" />
    <xs:enumeration value="FiftyToSixtyFour" />
    <xs:enumeration value="SixtyFiveAndAbove" />


Value Description
EighteenToTwentyFour People from the ages of 18 through 24 years.
FiftyToSixtyFour People from the ages of 50 through 64 years.
SixtyFiveAndAbove People 65 years of age and older.
ThirtyFiveToFourtyNine People from the ages of 35 through 49 years.
TwentyFiveToThirtyFour People from the ages of 25 through 34 years.
Unknown People with unknown ages.

The unknown option is only available for ad groups in Audience campaigns.


Service: CampaignManagementService.svc v12

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