CalloutAdExtension Data Object - Campaign Management

Defines an object that specifies additional text about your business, products, or services to include in a text ad.

You can associate an app ad extension with the account or with campaigns and ad groups in the account. You must associate between 2 and 20 callout ad extensions per entity (account, campaign, or ad group). If you associate one or fewer callout extensions with your account, campaign, or ad group, then no callout text will serve with your ad. An ad may include between 2 to 4 callouts per impression.

Ad extensions that are associated at the ad group level will override ad extensions of the same type that are associated at the campaign level. For example if you have 2 callout extensions set for Campaign A, zero callout extensions associated with Ad Group AA, and one callout extension associated with Ad Group AB, then only Ad Group AA is eligible to have its text ads decorated with callouts.


<xs:complexType name="CalloutAdExtension" xmlns:xs="">
  <xs:complexContent mixed="false">
    <xs:extension base="tns:AdExtension">
        <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="Text" nillable="true" type="xs:string" />


The CalloutAdExtension object has the following elements: Text.

Element Description Data Type
Text Additional callout text about your business, products, or services to include in a text ad. The callout extension text must be different than the text of your ad.

The length of this string must be between 1 and 25 characters. Note that for Traditional Chinese characters, the length of this string must be between 1 and 12 characters.

Add: Required
Update: Required

The CalloutAdExtension object has Inherited Elements.

Inherited Elements

Inherited Elements from AdExtension

The CalloutAdExtension object derives from the AdExtension object, and inherits the following elements: DevicePreference, ForwardCompatibilityMap, Id, Scheduling, Status, Type, Version. The descriptions below are specific to CalloutAdExtension, and might not apply to other objects that inherit the same elements from the AdExtension object.

Element Description Data Type
DevicePreference Not supported for this ad extension type. long
ForwardCompatibilityMap The list of key and value strings for forward compatibility to avoid otherwise breaking changes when new elements are added in the current API version.

There are currently no forward compatibility changes for the AdExtension object.

Add: Read-only
Update: Read-only
KeyValuePairOfstringstring array
Id The unique Microsoft Advertising identifier of the ad extension.

Add: Read-only
Update: Read-only and Required
Scheduling Determines the calendar day and time ranges when the ad extension is eligible to be shown in ads.

Add: Optional
Update: Optional. If you set this element null, any existing scheduling set for the ad extension will remain unchanged. If you set this to any non-null Schedule object, you are effectively replacing existing scheduling settings for the ad extension. To remove all scheduling set this element to an empty Schedule object.
Status The status of the ad extension. The value will always be Active because the Campaign Management service does not return deleted ad extensions.

Add: Read-only
Update: Read-only
Type The type of the ad extension. This value is CalloutAdExtension when you retrieve a callout ad extension.

Add: Read-only
Update: Read-only

For more information about ad extension types, see the Ad Extension Data Object Remarks.
Version Tracks the number of times the ad extension has been updated.

The version is set to 1 when the ad extension is created, and increments by one after each update.

Add: Not allowed
Update: Not allowed


Service: CampaignManagementService.svc v13